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• Company Name: Cosmic Distro

• Web Site:

• Contact Person: AMY

• Email address:

• Cell: 703-953-5182

• Tel: (703)337-4813

• Address: 8468 Terminal Road,

  Lorton, Virginia 22079, USA


  • Wilford Thompkins on

    Hi, I was just taking a look at your site and submitted this message via your feedback form. The “contact us” page on your site sends you these messages via email which is why you’re reading through my message right now correct? That’s half the battle with any kind of advertising, making people actually READ your ad and this is exactly what you’re doing now! If you have an ad message you would like to blast out to lots of websites via their contact forms in the US or anywhere in the world let me know, I can even focus on specific niches and my charges are very low. Reply here:

  • Noelle Stanley on

    Hello! My name is Noelle, and I’m reaching out to you from Rapid Color Printing in Las Vegas, NV.
    I understand you have an upcoming convention in Las Vegas, and we would like to assist with your print and signage needs.
    Is there a contact we can email our show specials to?

    Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day.

  • SHaron nEva on

    Please call us to get credit card # for our order.

    Sharon or Erin

  • Mike Marku on


    We’re hosting a retail and dispensary show in Portland this October. It should be a good place to meet a lot of buyers looking to improve their stores with products, design or efficiency. The show is closed to the public and only open to licensed retail owners or managers.

    Retail and Dispensary Expo:
    -100% dedicated to the retail side of the business. (RAD is not a grow show or investor conference)
    -Attendance is FREE for all owners, buyers, and employees of licensed retail stores and dispensaries. (And qualified applicants in states not yet issuing licenses)
    -Date: Oct 10-11th Portland, Oregon Convention Center.
    -Exhibitors will include: POS sales products, shelving, display cases, accessories, food, drinks, refrigerators, programming consultants, packaging, POP displays, legal, accounting, CBD products, medical products, and just about everything and anything a retail store owner or dispensary will need to set up a store, or would want to sell.

    Let me know if you’re interested, I can help provide a discount code for your booth. I’ve also attached our media kit for the show. Learn more at

    Kind Regards,
    Mike Marku

  • Michael Lerman on

    I am physically disabled (South Sacramento, and I cannot ship myself. Yet, I would love to offer glass pipes to my customers. Would you be willing to dropship for me? I can even purchase few pieces, to put aside and then ship. I am mostly interested in glass pipes. If I can have your bulk pricing for just a item at a time, I promise that it will be worth your while. I am an experienced ebay seller.

    Michael Lerman

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